NEW EUROPEAN ENERGY LABELS starting from March 2021

The technological developments of the last years gave birth to a lot of energy efficient appliances with reduced energy consumption (and also reduced water consumption in case of washing appliances) so that today most products are in the top classes (A+++, A++, A+).

Therefore, it became necessary to rescale the energy classes: a new energy class label with a scale from A to G (where A represents the most efficient class whereas G represents the least efficient) will replace the current one with a scale from A+++ to D.



With this new scale, the European Union intends to encourage technological innovation to develop increasingly efficient equipment.

The new energy efficiency labels will at first be implemented for the following product groups:

- Household Refrigerators and Freezers (including Wine cellars)

- Washing machines and washer-dryers

- Dishwashers

According to the new European Regulation, all appliances sold (in physical stores or online) as of March 1st 2021, must be provided with the new energy label.

Testing method to calculate energy class have been updated as well: therefore, it is not possible to convert exactly an old energy class into the new one (for example an appliance that today in in A++ class could become E or F with the new scale).

At the same time, according to the new regulation, the parameters to calculate the volume (for cooling appliances) also changed, as well as the ones to calculate washing and spinning efficiency (also in terms of water consumption).


As already said, the new energy labels will only include the label classes A to G. All multiple “+” categorizations (A+, A++ and A+++) will no longer exist.

It will incorporate also a QR code, enabling the consumer to access the European EPREL database to get additional information on that product.

For a short transition period, these appliances might be supplied both with the old energy label and the new one.

The new energy label will only be visible for European consumers in physical stores and on-line as of March 1st 2021 (when the old energy label will become obsolete)

During this transition period, some technical data mentioned on the product data plate might not correspond to the ones displayed on the energy label affixed to the appliance. This means the data refer to the new European directive and are therefore displayed on the new energy label.


A new Ecodesign Directive will also be effective as of March 1st 2021. The directive tackle aspects relevant to the eco-compatibility of the appliances in order to reduce their impact on the environment, by setting minimal requirements on aspects such as reparability and recycling.