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Our Products

Refrigerators and freezers

Includes a wide range of refrigerators and freezers that meet your needs in terms of internal space for your groceries, energy efficiency and technological performance. Always attentive to environmental issues, our products are CFC-free and include a full line of products with energy efficiency class A + and A ++, to guarantee a low power consumption with the maximum performance. The considerably low energy consumption and the high technology used to build our products make these appliances real allies at the service of both consumers and the environment.


Standing out for their design and functionality, our simple and practical washing machines are designed to meet all your requirements. Big capacity washing machines (from 7 to 10.5 kg.) allow you to save time and energy by washing all your family laundry in a single load. The range of dryers and dishwashers are conceived to make your life easier by giving you extra time to devote to those you love.


Cook the Italian way wherever you are! This line includes a wide range of products, both built-in and freestanding that fits with style to any surroundings always guaranteeing you get the best cooking results. A complete line of ovens, hobs, hoods and cookers to rediscover the pleasure of cooking and to make yourself the best chef in your home.


Attentive to your every need, our range also includes water dispensers, air conditioning and a full line of electric water heaters, suitable for large families or those who like to relax in the shower for a long time!


For all daily needs, OCEAN helps you with a wide range of small domestic appliances for your kitchen and beyond. You can choose between large mixers, blenders, juicers and multifunction robots with elegant design, stainless steel finishes and high performance. We offer a solution for every type of cooking: electric ovens, toasters, grills, barbecues and fryers for the most demanding palates. In addition, for home care, powerful and performing products for cleaning floors and irons to take care of all types of fabrics.