Ocean Group

Our Mission

OCEAN Group: someone to rely on! We work with you and for you.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow. OCEAN Group brings along the best that ITALY created since the ‘50s: the constant attention to details, the design, the style and quality at affordable prices.

Our priority is “Customers first”, a philosophy supported and shared by all the staff to guarantee daily:


Customer care is a core value. Reactivity and rapid communication, attention to the needs of each and every partner, technical and commercial training, availability and listening, competent and prompt logistics service, on-site technical assistance, are just part of the ambition of OCEAN Group.


Quality is a very important aspect of our policy in being at our customer’s service. The quality of every single product, which is tested at the end of the production process, is the best guarantee for an impeccable service, which aims to reduce to zero the call rate.


OCEAN Group is passion in everything we do. Confrontation, team spirit, enthusiasm for new challenges, make our organization not only a working group, but a real team of professionals personally involved at all times: "someone to rely on."


The innovation of our products is always aimed at meeting customer’s needs while respecting the environment, helping to improve everyday life quality of end users.


Our products distinguish themselves thanks to the modern and essential look, the solid but elegant style, designed with attention to the smallest detail thus guaranteeing the best performance. The traditionally Italian good taste can be seen in our range, always meeting the expectations of customers all over the world.


Strengthened by our experience in the production of household appliances gained in over 50 years, we know well the importance of your time and we commit ourselves in supplying you with valid instruments in order to make your life easier.

The Meetings

Always by your side everywhere you are

Attentive to customer’s needs, OCEAN Group organizes on-site technical and commercial seminars in order to support the selling network and the after sale service of each partner, creating opportunities for interaction and growth.