About Us

Looking far, into the future

OCEAN Group owns the brands Ocean®, Sangiorgio® (sold for the Italian market) and Samet® and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.

OCEAN was founded in 1947 and soon became a leader in the Italian and European markets, specializing in cooling.

SANGIORGIO, founded in 1954 and specialized in washing home appliances, became part of the group in 1984.

The group consolidated in 1986 with the acquisition of the brand SAMET, specialist in cooking, who set the stage for his successful presence in Italy since 1955.

Heart of the activities are the companies OCEAN Europe S.r.l. and OCEAN Overseas S.r.l. devoted to the research, production and organization of the sales network of home appliances in Europe and all over the world, since the early ‘80s.


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